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Fast-food chains are increasingly popular and so Ilhéus can not stay behind. You'll find a Subway in the Pontal neighborhood and in the city center right next door to Bob's hamburgers. Ilhéus also has a Burger King in the historical center. Check this page for other options in town.

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Burger King Ilhéus

Burger King

Rua Jorge Amado 39, - Historical center
Tel.: (55) 2397-0320
One of the best and most popular fast-food restaurants in the world is now located in the city center of Ilhéus.

Subway Ilhéus


- Avenida Soares Lopes s/n, loja 2 - Center (picture)
- Avenida Lomanto Junior, 1566 - Pontal
Tel.: Center: (73) 3811-2944 - Pontal: (73) 3632-7689
Both the Subway in the center and in Pontal are a great place to enjoy your food with tables outdoors.

Bob's Ilhéus


Avenida Soares Lopes, nº 229 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3634-1000
Ilhéus does not have Mc Donalds or Burger King but at least has Bob's. Bob's also has tables outdoors.

Barão Hamburgueres Ilhéus

Barão Hamburgueres

Avenida Soraes Lopes, nº 766 (Center) and Avenida 2 de Julho, Lj. 03 (Center)
Tel.: (73) 3231-3420
Famous for the delicious X-Picanha (X-Steak), with delicious cheese, ham, steak and tasty salad.

Berimbau Lanchonete Ilhéus

Berimbau Lanchonete

Rua Marques de Paranaguá, nº 135 / 321 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3231-8089
Cafetaria Berimbau serves more than just a delicious hamburger. You can also have lunch there in a very pleasant environment.

Biboka Lanchonete e Restaurante Ilhéus

Biboka Lanchonete e Restaurante

Rua Dom Pedro II, nº 37 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3231-4840
In the heart of downtown Ilhéus you will find two Biboka cafeterias with a variety of hamburgers, snacks, juices and more.

Larika Sucos e Hamburgueres Ilhéus

Larika Sucos e Hamburgueres

Avenida Lomanto Junior s/n, - Pontal
Tel.: (73) 3632-2353
Known for one of the best hamburgers in Ilhéus. The location, by the river border in Pontal, is also privileged.

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