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Confira e escolha nesta página as categorias de restaurantes selecionados para você. Fora da comida tradicional da região como feijoada, moqueca e outros frutos do mar, você também encontra aqui aonde pode comer sushi, churrasco, pizza, comida internacional, comida a kilo e fast-food.

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Feijoada Ilhéus

Traditional Food of the Region

We have selected some of the best and most popular restaurants serving traditional food of the region such as feijoada stew (beans) and other dishes with seafood or poultry.
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Comida Internacional Ilhéus

International Food

The cuisines you will also find in Ilhéus; Asian food (Sushi), Mexican (Tacos), Italian (pasta), German (Schnitzel), Portuguese (Cod). Here's where to find them.
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Pizzarias em Ilhéus


Bahia is among the five states of Brazil with most Pizzerias. How about enjoying a Portuguesa, Chicken with cream cheese or Marguerita here in Ilhéus? Know where:
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Churrascarias em Ilhéus


Ilhéus has some good Steakhouses in the city center (Steakhouse Tradição Gaúcha) and in the Pontal neighborhood (Recanto Gaúcho) neighborhood. See your other options here.
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Comida a Kilo em Ilhéus

Food per Kilo

Here's where you find Food-per-Kilo restaurants to enjoy a delicious lunch in a clean and pleasant environment.
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Fast Food em Ilhéus


Fast-food chains are increasingly popular and so in Ilhéus you will find some as well. There's a Subway in the city center, next door to Bob's Hamburgers.
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