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Weigh your food and pay with a per kilo rate. Ilhéus has some good kilo food restaurants. All restaurants listed on this page you will find in the city center. For more details about the restaurant please click on the image or the link to the individual page (if listed).

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Restaurante Sabor do Sul Ilhéus

Restaurante Sabor do Sul

Rua Coronel Paiva, nº 53 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3231-3281
One of the best and most popular kilo food restaurants of Ilhéus with quality products and great service and atmosphere.

Restaurante Bella's Grill Ilhéus

Restaurante Bella's Grill

Rua Eustáquio Bastos, nº 126 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3231-3825
Kilo restaurant with great quality and price ratio. The environment is simple but comfortable and clean.

Restaurante Mestre Cuca Ilhéus

Restaurante Mestre Cuca

Rua Eustáquio Bastos, nº 126 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3634-1092
Privileged location of the restaurant overlooking the Rio Cachoeira river and the old harbor. Food well varied and very tasty.

Rosa Restaurante Ilhéus

Rosa Restaurante

Rua Conselheiro Dantas, nº 24 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3084-1059
Homely environment with good quality food and good service. Great value for money - quality.

Restaurante Gabriela Cravo e Canela Ilhéus

Restaurante Gabriela Cravo e Canela

Praça Dom Eduardo, nº 81 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3634-2839
Restaurant located on the ground floor of the Ilhéus Praia Hotel. Recently renovated with a spacious terrace. Varied choice of food.

Restaurante Bataclan Ilhéus


Avenida 2 de Julho, nº 77 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3634-0088
Apart from the a la carte menu the Bataclan also serves food per kilo of high quality in a unique environment in Ilhéus.

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