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The beaches in the center of Ilhéus such as Praia da Avenida Soares Lopes (near Cathedral) and the Praia do Cristo beach are lacking good infrastructure for visitors. There is only a cabana at the beginning of the Praia do Cristo beach alongside the river: Cabana Badaró, where you can also rent canoes. The beaches Praia do Malhado, Praia do Marciano and Praia da Barra are popular amongst residents of nearby neighborhoods. There are some beachfront cabins here.

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Praia da Concha Ilhéus Morro de Pernambuco

Praia da Concha

2 Km south from the centre. Apart from the entrance, the most beautiful urban beach in Ilhéus is undoubtedly the Praia da Concha beach with clear water and natural pools among the rocks of the Morro de Pernambuco.

Praia da Avenida Soares Lopes Ilhéus

Praia da Avenida

Centre. The main entrance of the Praia da Avenida beach (Avenida Soares Lopes) is located next to the cathedral in the city center. There are no cabanas here.

Praia do São Miguel Ilhéus

Praia do São Miguel

10 Km north from the centre. A beach with a simple structure and few cabana options. Access via a pedestrian bridge and the road across the bridge to the north coast.

Praia do Cristo Ilhéus

Praia do Cristo

Centre. Beach at the mouth of the Rio Cachoeira river, with the statue of Christ, and the Badaró cabana. The beach has relatively calm waters and is busy during the weekend and summer.

Praia do Malhado Ilhéus

Praia do Malhado

2,7 Km north from the centre. The Praia do Malhado beach (Litorânea Avenue North) doesn't have a good structure for the visitor and is not considered good for bathing.

Praia do Marciano

3,4 Km north from the centre. The Marciano beach is a beach with a simple but cozy structure. Cabanas and tables in the shadows of coconut trees and a wide beach for everyone.

Praia Boca da Barra Ilhéus

Praia Boca da Barra

4,1 Km north from the centre. Located at the mouth of the Rio Almada river, the Boca da Barra beach has several cabanas in the shadows of the coconut trees.

Praia da Maramata Ilhéus

Praia da Maramata

3,2 Km south from the centre. The Maramata beach, at the foot of the Morro de Pernambuco, became a less attractive place due to the start of construction of the new bridge.

Praia Me Ache Ilhéus

Praia Me Ache

3,3 Km south from the centre. Simple beach, without palm trees, beach cabins or other options for the visitor.

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