Praias em Ilhéus

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The southern beaches of Ilhéus are the busiest beaches with many cabins and lodging options. In general the southern beaches are ample with fine sand and clear waters. Some parts further south are more rocky and have wilder waters, like Backdoor beach, a popular place for surfers. Access to the beaches is easy with both car and public transport. In the center take the bus with destinatio Hernani Sá, Nelson Costa, NS da Vitória, Acuipe, Águas de Olivença or Olivença.

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Praia do Sul Ilhéus Opaba Hotel

Praia do Sul

4 Km from the centre. The entrance of the Praia do Sul beach is right after the Opaba Hotel and the entrance to the Nelson Costa neighborhood on Km 1 of the Ilhéus - Olivença road.

Praia dos Milionários Ilhéus

Praia dos Milionários

8 Km from the centre. One of the most famous and popular beaches of Ilhéus with many cabanas and nearby lodging options. Fun for everyone!

Praia do Cururupe

Praia do Cururupe

12 Km from the centre. The beginning of the Praia do Cururupe beach is right after the Morro dos Navegantes hill and Cururupe river. Paradisiacal place with cabanas and a beautiful view.

Praia de Olivença

Praia de Olivença

16 Km from the centre. Located 2 km before the village of Olivença, this beautiful beach has fine white sand and the shade of coconut trees.

Praia Backdoor Olivença

Praia Backdoor

18 Km from the centre. The Backdoor beach is one of the most popular beaches among surfers of the region. Championships are held here often.

Praia de Batuba Olivença

Praia de Batuba

18,5 Km from the centre. The main beach of Olivença is the Praia de Batuba beach. Excellent structure of beach cabins with programming of live concerts and dancing.

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