Praias Norte de Ilhéus

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The beaches north of Ilhéus are quieter, semi-deserted and with less infrastructure for the visitor. Not at all they are less attractive because they are the beaches are large with warm waters and white sand. Highly recommended is the Praia Pé de Serra beach, where it has a cozy cabin and an outlook with spectacular views of the north coast. Access to the northern beaches is easy with car and public transport. From downtown take the bus bound for São Domingos, Ponta do Ramo, Retiro, Lagoa Encantada and the Rota bus route with destination Itacaré.

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Praia Mamoã Ilhéus

Praia Mamoã

29 Km from the centre. Another beautiful and busy beach during the summer with a river that joins the beach near the cabins. There are lodging options.

Praia dos Coqueiros Ilhéus

Praia dos Coqueiros

30,7 Km from the centre. The Coconut Beach is surrounded by palm trees and other vegetation and is considered a rustic beach, ideal for relaxing.

Praia de Ilhéus

Praia de Ilhéus

31,9 Km from the centre. The Praia de Ilhéus beach is yet another beach on the north coast with an untouched, great beauty for visitors who enjoy a long walk.

Praia Ponta do Ramo Ilhéus

Praia Ponta do Ramo

34,9 Km from the centre. The beach of Ponta do Ramo is frequented by locals who practice fishing, sports and recreation on this quiet and clean beach.

Praia Barra do Sargi

Praia Barra do Sargi

38,1 Km from the centre. The Praia do Sargi beach is surrounded by vacation homes, some inns and restaurants. The walk to the Pé de Serra beach is unforgettable.

Praia do Pé de Serra, Serra Grande

Praia do Pé de Serra

40,2 Km from the centre. One of the most beautiful beaches of the Cocoa Coast on a privileged location, busy during the summer and on weekends.

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