Praias em Ilhéus

The coastline of Ilhéus, also known as the Cocoa Coast, has almost 100 miles of white sandy beaches. The diversity of the beaches is big; you find crowded beaches with many beach cabins and lodging options at the south beaches of Ilhéus while the north coast beaches are less developed and semi-deserted. The beaches in the center of Ilhéus are the only ones lacking a good structure. For surfers both the southern and northern coastline offers good waves, like Praia do Backdoor beach (south).

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Praias Urbanas Ilhéus

Urban Beaches

Praias Urbanas - The beaches in the center of Ilhéus (Praia da Avenida and Praia do Cristo) are popular among residents of neighborhoods near those beaches, as well as the beaches in the north of the city; Praia do Malhado, Praia do Marciano and Praia da Barra. Read More

Praias do Sul Ilhéus

South Beaches

Praias do Sul - Ample beaches with fine white sand, cabanas for all tastes in the shadows of coconut trees (Praia dos Milionários) and beaches popular with surfers (Backdoor). During the summer these are the most crowded beaches of Ilhéus. Read More

Praias do Norte Ilhéus

North Beaches

Praias do Norte - The north coast beaches are less developed in terms of tourism. There are only a few cabins spread out throughout the coast. Most beaches are almost deserted and some are hidden in between the rocky coast of the Atlantic Rainforest. Read More

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