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Check out on this page the recommended tours of the Ilhéus region. Ilhéus is surrounded by the Atlantic Rainforest with lakes, rivers and waterfalls. You can also visit a cocoa plantation farm in the region or the village of Olivença with the Tororomba Waterpark. For tours in the city, clique aqui

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Parque Aquático Tororomba Olivença

Olivença - Tororomba Waterpark

Visit the old town of Olivença and the Tupinambá indian tribe, and the Tororomba aquatic park.
Location: Olivença, 18 km south of Ilhéus

Ecoparque Una

Eco Parque Una

Private Atlantic Rainforest reserve created in 1997 that has rivers, trails, a 20 meters tall suspended footbridge and an eco-tourist complex.
Location: 45 km south of Ilhéus

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