Passeios em Ilhéus

Check these pages for tours and sights of Ilhéus that you have to see during your visit of the "City of Romance". The historic center has sights like the postcard of the city, São Sebastião Cathedral, the famous Vesúvio Bar, Bataclan, Municipal Theatre and the house of Jorge Amado. Among the excursions in the region are visits to Cocoa Farms, the Rio do Engenho river and church, the Lagoa Encantada lake and the village of Olivença.

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Passeios em Ilhéus

Tourist Hotspots

Visit all the recommended hotspots of the city of Ilhéus such as; the São Sebastião Cathedral, the Vesúvio Bar, Bataclan and the House of Jorge Amado. Read More

Passeios na Região de Ilhéus

Tours in the Region

Check out the tours in the region we have selected for you, including; Cocoa Farms, the Chocolate Factory, the Lagoa Encantada lake and the Rio do Engenho river and church. Read More

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