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Find here the tourist attractions of the historical centre of Ilhéus that you may not miss during your visit such as, the São Sebastião Cathedral, the famous Vesúvio Bar, Bataclan, Municipal Theatre and the house of Jorge Amado. For Tours of the Region, please click here

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Catedral de São Sebastião Ilhéus

Catedral São Sebastião

Inaugurated in 1967 after 36 years of construction and with a height of approximately 47 meters, the São Sebastião cathedral is one of the main postcards of lhéus.
Location: Praça Dom Eduardo - historical centre

Bar Vesúvio Ilhéus

Bar Vesúvio

Opened in 1910 by two Italian owners, the bar has become famous for being part of the novel "Gabriela Cravo e Canela" by Jorge Amado.
Location: Praça Dom Eduardo, 190 - historical centre

Bataclan Ilhéus


The former brothel, casino and cabaret frequented by cocoa colonels, operated until the 1940s and nowadays has a restaurant, taproom, a cigar lounge and shows such as theater performances and concerts.
Location: Avenida 2 de Julho, 77- historical centre

Teatro Municipal de Ilhéus

Teatro Municipal

Opened in December 1932 the Municipal Theatre of Ilhéus was originally called Cine-Teatro Ilhéos. Construction on the Luiz Vianna square was initiated in 1930.
Location: Rua Antônio Lavigne Lemos, 39 – historical centre

Casa de Cultura Jorge Amado Ilhéus

Casa de Cultura Jorge Amado

Former residence of the Amado family where Jorge Amado began his early writings. Reformed and transformed into the Jorge Amado House of Culture, which opened June 27, 1997.
Location: Rua Jorge Amado, 21 - historical centre

Igreja de São Jorge Ilhéus

Igreja de São Jorge

Oldest church in the historic center opened in 1556. There is a little museum guarding a secular image of São Jorge (St. George).
Location: Rua Conselheiro Dantas, s/n – historical centre

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