Olivença Bahia

Welcome to the village of Olivença! History: In the year 1500 the local tribe of Indians, the Tupinambás, saw the first Europeans boats arriving and made ​​the first contact with the white man in his territory. In the year 1538 the Portuguese occupiers began with the construction of the sugar mills where the Indians were forced to work as slaves. Centuries later, the humiliation and suffering are over, but the struggle to keep the identity and the tradition is still alive. Tourism: Olivença has good lodging options and some nice restaurants and bars. Especially out of high season, Olivença is a quiet village, ideal for people who want to enjoy the beautiful nature of the region and the deserted beaches of the south. The Backdoor beach is excellent for surfing. Check out the region's beaches here.

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Tororomba Olivença

Tororomba Water park

The Tororomba bathhouse in Olivença is a complex with swimming pools of natural waters, a small artificial waterfall and cabanas with terraces to enjoy good food and a drink. The park also offers special activities for children. The water, which contains iron, magnesium and iodine, is one of the best existing mineral waters and has its spring near the populated hills. Tororomba is the only hidromineral health resort located along the coast of Brazil.

Centro Cultural Olivença

Olivença Cultural Center

The Cultural Center in Olivença is located right behind the Tororomba Waterpark on a hill. The center is generally used as a spot where the local Indians keep their rituals and myths alive, talking about the history and presenting theatre plays.

Nossa Senhora da Escada Olivença

Nossa Senhora da Escada Church

The first church of Olivença was built by the Jesuits in the early 18th century, right in the center of the small village on the hilltop. Nowadays the Cláudio Magalhães Square, opposite of the church, is surrounded by houses, bars, grocery stores and small schools.

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