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Houses, Lots, Terrains and Beach Houses for sale in Ilhéus and the region
FEATURED: Beach House with 1 suite and 3 bedrooms and swimming pool near Olivença - GO >
FEATURED: Terrain south of Ilhéus, 8000m² - GO >
FEATURED: House with 3 bedrooms, near the beach, north of Ilhéus - GO >
Real Estate in Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil

Did you ever dream of a change of life? Did you google-around for some places with white sandy beaches, palm trees and a smart-phone with internet? Probably the last thing you already have right now in your hand.

Meanwhile, you just never realized that dreams may come true, for all types of budget! Even with a small savings-account you can buy a decent property and enjoy paradise. Take a look around @ our website and see if your dreams fit in... reality.

We offer Houses, Beach Houses, Terrains and Lots in the city of Ilhéus and the region.

Mansão House for sale Una Ilhéus Bahia
Family villa with lots of privacy for sale / rent
in Arraial d'Ajuda - Porto Seguro - co: OG-10
Beach house Ilhéus for sale
Beach house south of Ilhéus, near the
village of Olivença - code: OG-6
Pousada for sale in Ilhéus
Pousada (Guesthouse) for sale, south of
Ilhéus - 10 suites, beach front- code: OG-7
Area for Sale in Ilhéus
Area for sale in front of the south beach
of Ilhéus - 6,700 m² - code: OG-9
Exclusive Area for Sale - Ilhéus Bahia
Big exclusive area for sale, south coast
of Ilhéus - 3,1 ha - code: OG-8
Terrain for Sale in Ilhéus Bahia
Terrain for sale South of Ilhéus, beach front,
8000 m² - code: OG-1
Condominium South Beach Ilhéus
Condominum lot near the South Beach of
Ilhéus - 840 m² - code: OG-2
Lot South of Ilhéus Bahia
Condominium lot south of Ilhéus with
ocean view - 700 m² - code: OG-3
House for sale in Ilhéus Bahia
House with terrain north of Ilhéus, 200 m
from the beach - area 2000 m² - code: OG-4
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