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Location: Ilhéus is located on the south coast of Bahia state by the mouth of the Rio Cachoeira river that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. A bridge connects the center of the city (northside) with the southern suburbs, such as Pontal and Nelson Costa. Salvador is 458 km to the north and Porto Seguro is 315 km south of Ilhéus. By road: From the south, you take the BR-101 to Itabuna, from there take the BR-415 towards Ilhéus. Coming from Salvador you have 2 options: a) with the ferry to Bom Despacho (on Itaparica Island) and follow the BA-001 or b) take the BR-101.

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Airport of Ilhéus

Ilhéus Airport

Check out this page for how to get to Ilhéus by plane. With daily direct or indirect flights anywhere in Brazil from/to the Jorge Amado Airport
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Bus Terminal of Ilhéus

Ilhéus Bus Terminal

The Bus Terminal of Ilhéus is located 3.5 km west of the city center and is easily accessible with public transport. You will find more info on this page.
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Harbor of Ilhéus

Ilhéus Harbor

The harbor of Ilhéus is located in the urban area, at the end of Avenida Soares Lopes in the Cidade Nova neighborhood, 2 km from the historic city center.
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