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All cabanas listed on this page you will find on the Praia so Sul (south beach) in Ilhéus. However, we made an exception for a cabana up north that is not on the beach but famous for their delicious patties; the Cabana da Empada (on page 1) on the highway Ilhéus - Itacare, # 1 of 311 restaurants, bars and cabanas in Ilhéus on TripAdvisor * (*24/08/2014)

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Cabana do Papai Ilhéus

Cabana do Papai

Rodovia Ilhéus - Olivença, Km 3 - Praia do Sul
Tel.: (73) 3632-4837
Cabana Bar and Restaurant, with Bahian food and seafood. Good structure and service. Has disabled persons toilet and parking.

Cabana Tropical Ilhéus

Cabana Tropical

Rodovia Ilhéus - Olivença, Km 3,5 - Praia do Sul
Tel.: (-)
Located on the Praia dos Milionários beach. Cozy structure, cold beer and good service.

Cabana Nacib Ilhéus

Cabana Nacib

Rodovia Ilhéus - Olivença, Km 3,4 - Praia do Sul
Tel.: (73) 3632-4359
One of the busiest cabanas during the summer. Reservations accepted, ideal for big groups. Culinary: fish / seafood. Free parking.

Cabana O Farol Ilhéus

Cabana o Farol

Rodovia Ilhéus - Olivença, Km 3,3
Tel.: (73) 3231-5444
Another cozy cabin with cold beer and good food on the menu.

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