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The modest nightlife of Ilhéus offers some nice bars and clubs in the center such as Barrakítika, Vesúvio Bar and Volp and the Passarela do Álcool (alcohol catwalk) in the Pontal district. We made a small selection for you.

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Barrakitika Ilhéus

Barrakítika Bar e Restaurante

Praça Antônio Muniz, nº 39 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3231-8300
The place where everyone meets, Barrakítika is a point of reference in the center of Ilhéus. Screens with national and international shows, live music, football games and more.

Bar Vesúvio Ilhéus

Bar Vesúvio

Praça Dom Eduardo, 190 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3634-2164
Opened in 1910 by two Italian owners, the bar has become famous for being part of the novel and the tv-soap "Gabriela Cravo e Canela" by Jorge Amado. Features live music.

Volp Club Ilhéus

Volp Club

Avenida Soares Lopes s/n - Center
Tel.: (73) 3633-2000
Volp Club is a distinguished place in Ilhéus offering a wide variety of attractions for the public. Bar, Lounge, Nightclub and Restaurant in one!

Mar Aberto Ilhéus

Mar Aberto Music Bar

Av. Litorânea Sul, N° 129 - Pontal
Tel.: (73) 3632-1893
A bar with live bands and a dance floor for all rhythms and flavors. Wednesday (Forro (lining), Xote), Thursday to Saturday (MPB, Pop Axé, Boite).

Bataclan Ilhéus


Avenida 2 de Julho, nº 77 - Center
Tel.: (73) 3634-0088
Bar, Restaurant and wine room. All this in a magnificent setting that was once the most popular meeting point for colonels during the cocoa period.

Maria Antonieta Ilhéus

Botequim Maria Antonieta

Rua Almiro Vinhais, nº 45 - Tambore (near stadium)
Tel.: (73) 3231-6939
The pub offers good food, cold beer and nice people. Space with 6 rooms, located in front of the main entrance of the Mario Pessoa Stadium.

Chicken Food Bar e Restaurante Ilhéus

Chicken Food Bar e Restaurante

Rua Hermínio Ramos, nº 284 - bairro Pontal
Tel.: (73) 3632-5397
A restaurant/bar in the Pontal neighborhood with a varied menu, good music and a space for kids to play! Specialties of the house: chicken wings, quail and other delicious meals!

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